Inspired Luxe launches online global marketplace

Entrepreneur Denise Bradley-Tyson presents handcrafted luxury curated from a global array of master artists, beginning with those from South Africa.

San Francisco-based entrepreneur Denise Bradley-Tyson has launched a curated online shopping experience, called Inspired Luxe, dedicated to supporting small-scale designers and artisans around the world. Helping online shoppers to “look good while doing good,” Inspired Luxe offers a mosaic of authentic global jewellery, home décor and fashion accessories – distinctive designs with one-off and handmade appeal that help to preserve traditions and innovations from around the world.

Inspired Luxe.

Inspired Luxe keeps it fresh with a new regional focus every few months. By exploring different regions of the world – from South Africa to Italy and beyond – Inspired Luxe discovers the most interesting and original lifestyle accessories. 

South Africa is the site’s current showcase, with original jewellery, accessories and fashion by Coast & Koi, Guidemore Chigama, Henriette Botha, FACT, lulu K and others.  A number of featured artists have also been inspired by South Africa, including Corinthia Peoples of Brooklyn and Oakland, Masha Archer of Kiev and San Francisco, and Tamara Hill Studio of San Francisco.


Inspired by her own world travels, Inspired Luxe was conceived by Bradley-Tyson, who serves as the company’s CEO and “curator-in-chief.” She has a passion for arts, a keen eye for quality and originality, and a successful track record of launching and establishing brands. 

Through Inspired Luxe, we strive to promote and preserve cultural heritage.

“By helping local artists and brand houses find new markets and grow their businesses, we and our customers empower them to continue creating and sustaining their traditions and, in some cases, preserving rare skills and methods that have been passed along through the generations," said Bradley-Tyson. "Each piece tells a unique story.”

Bradley-Tyson holds degrees from Stanford and Harvard.  She has achieved a long list of personal and professional accomplishments including launching and establishing San Francisco's Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) where she served as executive director.  She is the president of the San Francisco Film Commission and earlier in her career she oversaw audience development and synergistic programme activities at the South Bank Centre in London, Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary arts venue.

Bradley-Tyson also served on the steering committee of the Arts Council England under Prime Minister Tony Blair.  As a woman of colour, Bradley-Tyson brings a lifetime of invaluable experience and unique insight to the e-commerce industry.

We’ve launched Inspired Luxe to inspire and encourage people to explore the world and their own style with wearable art.

“Our approach is ‘glocal’ – a mash-up of global and local considerations," said Bradley-Tyson. "We are enamoured with local heritage and love discovering new artists all over the world so we can bring affordable luxury to consumers through our online marketplace.”

Unlike traditional stores or other online marketplaces, Inspired Luxe brings together a unique multi-layered, multi-cultural mix of patterns, prints and pieces that showcase hidden gems and up-and-coming trends from top local designers, craftspeople and brands – allowing customers to enjoy hand-picked designs that would otherwise never be discovered.

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