The Hawker’s Rocking Chair: A cross-pollination of ideas, styles and materials

Arye Kellman tells us why he nominated this furniture design for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017.

The Hawker’s Rocking Chair is a product of cooperation between fashion designer Thebe Magugu and craftsman Emile Millward. These disparate designers each brought their expertise and sense of style to the creative process – an odd relationship that culminated in the unique rocking chair.

Magugu derived inspiration from powerful and distinct women for this project, exploring both masculinity and femininity, quirky textiles and the relationship between metallic textures and hues of green.

“What spoke to me the most about it was the collaboration between Thebe and another designer in a different discipline… It was two artists leaving their ego at the door to work together, to create something magical. Both really brought their tools to the table,” says creative director Arye Kellman.

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