Dominic Harris: Lighting can transform mood

“Lighting can transform the mood of a person,” says Dominic Harris. He believes in using lighting to achieve advanced effects.
Posted 19 Oct 12 By Design Indaba Duration: 00:05:15 Product Design Interviews / Video Interviews Comments

Interactive lighting architect Dominic Harris believes that lighting can make or break a great architectural scheme. Here he speaks about his lighting creation "Walk the Light" for the tunnel entrance to the Victoria & Albert Museum during London Design Festival. The light is playful and introduces an element of surprise as it follows visitors as they walk through the tunnel.

"Walk the Light" was sponsored by Philips and we catch up with Rowena Preiss, the creative director of Philips Lighting in the UK. She believes that the role of designers is to connect people to their environment and that lighting is the most powerful tool for design.

Technology in lighting is moving so rapidly that it's very difficult to engage with the general public on the boundaries of that technology because every month there's a new technology being released, says Preiss.

Exhibitions like these being produced by the Victoria & Albert Museum aim to bridge that gap.

Preiss also discusses the role of the lighting designer and how their work helps to connect people with their environments. Harris adds to say that lighting can help solve bigger problems, like crime.