Ariane Spanier: The evolution of FUKT magazine

Design director Ariane Spanier talks digital versus print and the evolution of FUKT magazine.

Under Berlin-based designer Ariane Spanier, FUKT magazine is a place where no idea is too big or too strange. The annual publication grew from a fanzine to a solid publication on the subject of contemporary drawing and the creatives who spearhead its practice.

“FUKT magazine is an experimental field to try out things with materials or processes or funny techniques, so no one will ever say no don’t do that it doesn’t work,” says Spanier.

According to Spanier, the publication evolved from a space that only displayed visuals to a platform that focuses on interviewing industry leaders. The magazine is now one of the first respected publications on the subject as it exhibits many forms of artistic expression in the field of contemporary drawing.

“The covers are kind of their own life,” says Spanier. “It’s kind of disconnected from the content.”

Describing the relevancy of a printed magazine in the digital age, Spanier says people consume drawings differently when they’re on paper.

“It’s like a little exhibition you can carry with you,” she says. “Something in our perception changes when we have it in our hand.”