Quazi Design – How it all began

A charming stop-motion film that recounts the journey of Swaziland-based studio Quazi Design.

Quazi Design has been innovating with paper as a material since 2009, when the small social enterprise started with just one artisan making earrings out of strips of rolled magazine paper.

This short film tells the story of how Quazi evolved from one artisan, British native Doron Shaltiel based in Swaziland, into a sustainable creative business employing a handful of women artisans who each have on average seven dependents.

Shaltiel, Quazi’s director, roped her photographer brother Tomer in to make this animation celebrating the enterprise’s journey.

The film is made with the same resourceful recycling of materials that Quazi uses in its jewellery and décor pieces. Tomer shot each frame separately.

“It was important for us to tell the story through our medium, and keeping to our philosophy,” says Doron. “We believe in creativity and hope that the film shows that.”