Maurice Sendak: On Life, Death And Children's Lit

Christoph Niemann illustrates a moving 2011 interview between children's author Maurice Sendak and "Fresh Air" producer Terry Gross.

At the AGI Open conference in London last month, Christoph Niemann gave a delightful talk. One of the videos he presented was this illustrated interview with Maurice Sendak, the renowned American illustrator and author of Where the Wild Things Are.

Niemann first heard the radio interview, done with Sendak during the final year of his life, on "Fresh Air" in late 2011. Later, as a tribute to Sendak's life, Niemann created the accompanying illustrations that appear in this video. The result is a beautiful, highly moving piece of work that had the AGI 2013 audience in tears.

This interview was originally broadcast on 20 September 2011 and replayed on "Fresh Air" after Sendak died on 8 May 2012.

Watch our interview with Christoph Niemann at AGI Open 2013 here >