Grandmothers, Afrofuturism and Nairobi-beats

Kenyan photographer Osborne Macharia directs his first film, the music video to Blinky Bill's new song "Atie".

Check out "ATIE", the official video for Nairobi-based alternative music maker Blinky Bill's new song. Blinky, whose real name is Bill Sellanga, rose to fame as part of Kenyan trio Just a Band and is currently exploring his solo career. The video was created alongside Osborne Macharia's fantastical new image series Magadi, which features a group of former female circumcisers. It is Macharia's directorial debut, and the video has as much artistic and conceptual merit as his previous work – some of which he brought to life on the Design Indaba Conference stage with extras that included a member of the fictional Kenyan little fighting squad and a character from his league of extraordinary grannies

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