Fashion brand The IOU Project restores the livelihood of artisans in India

Online store pairs Indian handloomers with European designers in an attempt to change the way we make and buy clothes.

Millions of families in India survive on handlooming as a source of income. Rooted in ancient Indian culture, this traditional method of weaving is a highly skilled craft where everything is done by hand, made from locally sourced cotton and requires no energy. The problem is that industrialisation and mass production have rendered the handlooming craftsmen obsolete, out of work, and unable to support their families. 

The IOU Project is an ethical fashion label that is trying to raise awareness around this issue and “change the way clothing is made and sold.” In order to create change, IOU’s founder and creative director, Kavita Parmar devised a new and transparent fashion system, which benefits all involved, from production to consumers.

Parmar has paired hundreds of Indian handloomers with European designers, who together create one-of-a-kind, sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fashion, which is then sold through The IOU Project’s online store, and shipped to customers all around the world.