Apple's new videos help you stay healthy

We talk to Johnny Kelly, the animator behind Apple's five new Health App videos: sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, activity and how everything is connected.

From the Series

If you're an Apple user and you’ve updated your operating system recently, you might have noticed the short motivational/instructional films now featured in the Health App. London-based animator Johnny Kelly has created five short animations to help promote the ways in which Apple Health can help you lead a balanced life. The aim of the films is to show how easy it is to train yourself into good habits.  

Each of the five films highlights a different aspect of a healthy life: sleep, mindfulness, nutrition, activity and how everything is connected.  

“I was inspired by this idea of looking at things from different angles, and I guess it’s what a good doctor does,” says Kelly. “One thing from a certain angle might look like a particular condition, but you look again. So it became this curious roving eye.”

Kelly, who won a Cannes Lion Film Grand Prix for his stop motion for Chipotle, has a reputation for doing things practically, in live action rather than CG, and this style attracted Apple’s team. He merges 2D animation, CG and live action, giving the films a fresh and unique look and a sense of authenticity. 

“Stuff comes out of the process of getting into a studio and finding the right broccoli. You get something more from the end result. Complete freedom (as you would get with computer generated film) is quite dangerous. You can put the camera anywhere, spiral around and fly through walls. Sometimes it is nice to say ‘these are my limitations’.”

The tone of the films is encouraging and informative, “they didn’t want it to be too preachy”.

Sit less, move more. Anything to get your heart pumping. As long as you’re moving you don’t have to hit the gym. – Activity narrator