Ian Murchison on wooden knives and bendy bicycle racks (trailer)

This Canadian industrial designer is making waves in the product design industry. At Design Indaba Conference 2014, he shares his story of success.

“There is a huge focus on technology and electronics in America. I want to explore something different instead,” says Ian Murchison. After graduating from Carleton University in 2010, Murchison worked as an industrial designer at Blackberry before starting up his own design studio in Ottawa, Canada.

At Blackberry, Murchison designed accessories, developed over 50 products and worked on over 250 patented designs. He left to set up his studio, The Federal Inc, in his hometown, Ottawa. “Rather than moving to a different position at Blackberry, I thought it was time to start something on my own,” he explains.

Through The Federal Inc, Murchison, explores a wide range of ventures in design, development, manufacturing and marketing. Working out of HUB Ottawa, a global network of co-working spaces, the studio concentrates on challenging people to rethink the way they look at everyday products. 

“At Federal Inc we have the traditional client and consultancy side of things but we make sure that we maintain a creative stream for our employees to experiment and try new things without a project brief,” says Murchison.


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