Take Five

Readers loved graphic design maestro Seymour Chwast's personal history of the evolution of styles this week.


The legendary graphic designer Seymour Chwast takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the period styles that have shaped the industry. Read this Opinion piece.


South African fashion designer Hendrik Vermeulen’s latest fashion collection, Insecta Mirabilis, is inspired by the beauty of insects. Flip through this Lookbook.


Frank Tjepkema's latest body of work conveys solidity even as it seems to be melting away. See the Product Spotlight.


Curator Christine Eyene tells us about her selection of experimental artists from Africa whose work was part of London's recent "Africa Utopia" festival. Read our interview with her here.


Meet ARCHiNOS, an architecture firm that is helping to restore Cairo's mediaeval and Ottoman-era buildings. Read our African Report.