Young Designer's Trust - Teaching kids to fly

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An important step in this process is opening up the industry to conceptualists and artists outside of the formally defined graphic design fraternity, which would also go some way towards introducing some different interpretations to the mix.

The greatest barrier to entry for many such individuals is the lack of information about the industry. We believe that it is crucial, before developing elaborate schemes and curricula for the creatively inclined "previously disadvantaged," to facilitate a formal exposition of the potential and possibility of transforming natural artistic talents into viable careers in graphic design, set design, sculpture, fine art, jewellery design and so on.

The Design Indaba® Young Designer's Trust, a Section 21 not-for-profit company, has been set up to help facilitate this agenda.

There is an incredible opportunity to leverage off the goodwill and resources generated by the Design Indaba® event and run a developmental project in parallel, by opening a window of opportunity for township / flats youngsters who wouldn't otherwise be exposed to graphic design as a potential and viable career option.

This is where you come in! We know that many industry professionals would love to share their reservoirs of knowledge but don't know where to start or where to go.

All we need is an hour of your time one Saturday morning in 2001!!

In that hour, you will share with kids in Western Cape township high schools your experiences in the industry, information on ways of applying artistic talent in a professional creative environment and development possibilities (e.g. further education, internships, etc).

If you're interested in contributing to this educational initiative, e-mail, letting us know of your availability and area of expertise. We promise to pick you up, drive you to the relevant venue in safety and comfort and return you to pickup point!

The pilot project will run in Cape Town before expanding to other parts of the country. Out of a universe of ±40 million people, how taxing an enterprise can it be to find a native with an artistic bent? Surely all those cave paintings, colourful Ndebele huts, intricately beaded Zulu love letters, etc. have to have come from somewhere?

To present the field of design as a viable vocation and career option to talented but marginalised youth in under-resourced Cape Town communities

To help develop South Africa's national design tradition from a grassroots level
To improve their employability by granting them exposure and opportunity
To contribute to the economic upliftment of Cape Town as a whole

The Trust will develop a curriculum in collaboration with industry professionals and school officials
The Trust will co-ordinate design workshops in schools in the Cape Flats areas
The Trust will mobilise the industry for resources in terms of materials, time and intellectual capital

The Design Indaba® Young Designer's Trust is a Cape Town Major Events Company initiative
The Trust will be steered by a committee of industry professionals dedicated to development in design
The initiative is supported by the Marketing, Advertising and Design (MAD) fraternities