Yerka: The Fort Knox of bicycles

Three Chilean engineering students dropped out of college to develop an unstealable bicycle with an integrated locking system.

From the Series

Yerka is a bike designed with an ingenious new locking technology, which makes it almost impossible to steal. The design is the brainwave of three cycling-enthusiast students in Chile, who were tired of having their bikes stolen because their standard bike locks and chains were being cut or broken. Apparently, they’re not the only ones: a reported 15 million bicycles are stolen every year.

Yerka bike locking system

A Yerka bike’s locking system involves dismantling the frame, and flanking a pole or rail with the bike itself. The whole process takes less than 10 seconds and means a thief would have to saw through the seat rod or destroy the frame to steal the bike. In it’s locked position, the bike is unrideable. See the gif and video for a more visual explanation.

Yerka bike locking system

In addition to the locking system, Yerka’s wheels are secured with anti-theft nuts, which require a user’s special key to release.

The students’ product was largely backed by crowdfunding site Indiegogo last year and at the beginning of August 2015 it was announced that their first batch of orders is currently underway. Future plans for Yerka’s design includes a Bluetooth locking mechanism that will work in conjunction with a smartphone app.