Woven wares

Dutch product designer and new design director of Danskina, Hella Jongerius shows a new collection of rugs at imm cologne 2014.

Danskina is exhibiting during imm cologne in January 2014 with a collection of five new products including three designs from its new design director, Hella Jongerius.

Jongerius’s first pieces for Danskina,  high-end producer of contemporary, made-to-order rugs, include Bold, Duotone, and Multitone.

Thick, warm and highly tactile they each feature an appealing irregularity that comes from processes used in their making.

Bold is made using a combination of mechanical and hand-spun yarns resulting in a thick, warm and expressive rug. Bulky and irregular in character, it is the epitome 
of tactility, a quality Jongerius believes to be ‘the most important and best known characteristic of a rug’.

Bold is woven by skilled weavers from India and
 New Zealand using yarn that has been dyed after it 
is twisted. This produces an interesting effect, as the dye does not penetrate completely to the yarn’s core. It has a sober colouring and simple but distinctive asymmetric design.

The power of Duotone lies in its simplicity. Each rug is made using only two colours: one for the weft and the other for the warp. It is the resulting mix of the two that gives each piece its own identity.

This is the most simple flat woven basket construction; the archetype of weaving, says Jongerius.

Multitone started life as a colour blanket, an evolution of the Duotone rug. The result was so good that a rug was created based on the concept too.

Taking the same basic construction as the Duotone rug, Multitone is made by weaving in multiple colours for a statement rug that energizes a space with its mesmerising pattern.

The rug is made using a simple flat-woven basket construction. The different thicknesses of the yarns and the contrasting colours lend the rug extra surface interest.


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