The wind turbine gets a smart tech makeover

Beauty, tech, and renewable energy generation combine to give the wind turbine a much-needed makeover.

A lanky appearance and a reputation for inconsistent net energy production have earned the wind turbine the status of an ugly cousin in the renewable energy world. But all that could change with ENESSERE’s Hercules Wind Generator. The Italy-based renewable energy company have designed what can be described as a wind turbine sculpture.

A team of engineers, designers and master craftsman have all pitched in to develop a vertical axis wind turbine able to produce endless amounts of energy while maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

The unique design is made of premium materials like titanium, wood and carbon, and the turbine has an installed power rating of 5 kW and is suitable for a family household.

Hercules’ bespoke, American cedar wood wind-spokes define its refined aesthetic.

“It was designed to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings and contribute to enhancing the architectural context in which it is installed,” says the company.

The wind turbine gets a beautiful, tech makeover.

According to Springwise, the future of the Hercules Wind Energy Generator is expected to include smart technology. The turbines will learn local wind patterns in order to predict optimum working periods and power down during low wind activity. 

The wind turbine gets a beautiful, tech makeover.