Wieden+Kennedy Delhi’s Make in India campaign signifies big change for the country

The independent ad agency Wieden+Kennedy Delhi gives India an international platform to showcase its diverse investment areas.

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In April this year, the world’s biggest industrial fair Hannover Messe was taken over by lions in Wieden+Kennedy Delhi’s widespread marketing campaign for Make in India – the Indian government’s national programme to step up investment in the country. The ad agency brought its usual insightful eye and unconventional flair to the massive project with a pervasive campaign designed to ignite India’s industrial revolution.

W+K Delhi’s managing director Mohit Jayal and executive creative director V Sunil have been passionately outspoken about the power of creativity in fostering India’s potential for growth. Their Make in India campaign is their way of encouraging this creativity. 

The branding in the campaign tapped into cultural symbols and references to develop a strong national identity that could really drive the message of the programme. Playing with the cliché phrase “Made in India,” the agency came up with a name for the campaign that also acts as a call to action. India’s national emblem provided inspiration for the main logos – the chakra wheel and the Indian lion, which historically is a representation of the country’s courage, strength, tenacity and wisdom. The silhouette of a lion characterises the brand communication as a solid symbol that has been adapted to represent the 25 industry sectors of the Make in India initiative.

When awarded the job, W+K Delhi took on the challenge of improving India’s growth rate in 2013, which was at its lowest level in a decade. This meant an intensive marketing endeavor that involved the creation of informative web and mobile sites, 25 sector brochures and a large multi-platform launch in September 2014. The international and local reception of India’s plan was a huge success, with media positioning India as a solid contender for China’s title as the largest manufacturing hub in the world.

To strengthen international interest and investment, the ad team’s next big move for the campaign was generating a pervasive presence in Germany as Hannover Messe 2015’s Partner Country.

“From billboards and digital screens at airports and train stations, from buses and trains to taxis and trams – the lion was impossible to miss,” said W+K Delhi in its project report.

The event provided just the right opportunity for the agency to highlight the prosperous business relationship with Germany, and India’s path to becoming the world’s most powerful economy.

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