Whispering walls

Anne Kyyrö Quinn’s unique designs may qualify as the world’s most beautiful sound-proof wall panels.

Handcrafted interior textiles is a branch of design that London-based Finnish designer Anne Kyyrö Quinn has a unique aptitude for. Her three-dimensional sculptural creations are made using natural fabrics and bring a dramatic architectural touch to any private or public space.

Quinn has developed a layered textile range that has been engineered to absorb sound and significantly reduce noise levels. The structured surface design creates tiny cavities that absorbs sound waves into the layer underneath, in what can be likened to an acoustic sponge.

The textiles Quinn uses for her designers are cut, sewn and finished by hand before being crafted into interior textiles. As interior textiles, Quinn’s creations work to blend in harmoniously with the settings.

As wall covering these textiles are ideal for hotels, boardrooms, airport lounges and the like. They are also just a more creative take on traditional wallpaper.

It gets a further nod of approval for being sustainable. The 100% wool that’s used for the panels is an ecologically sound material. The panels are available in a variety of colours and designs. Together with being sound resistant, they are also flame retardent.