Waterless bath

South African entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane created the world's first germicidal bath-substituting skin lotion or gel.

Taking a bath anywhere, at any time, without using a drop of water is exactly what's possible with DryBath™, the brainchild of the young South African entrepreneur Ludwick Marishane, founder of Headboy Industries.

During Design Indaba 2012, Marishane entered COMMON Pitch: South Africa, which saw social entrepreneurs from around the world sharing their world-changing ideas. The Cape Town-based entreprenerur was awarded the MTN Award of R100 000 for his DryBath™ project. 

Marishane developed the world’s first germicidal bath-substituting skin lotion/gel.  Known as DryBath™, the product was developed as an attempt to improve the lives of some two billion indigent people who do not have access to enough water for daily sanitation. DryBath™ provides its users with a healthy, environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to traditional washing and bathing.

DryBath™ is made from a blend of biocide, bioflavonoids and moisturisers. The product is applied to the skin in the same way that one would use a waterless hand cleanser, leaving a fresh and sweet aroma.