Water for the world

WHOLE WORLD Water proposes a sustainable alternative to high-priced bottled water, with an iconic design by Yves Béhar.

From the Series

Sustainable access to safe and clean drinking water is one of the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. WHOLE WORLD Water is a new social enterprise that is working specifically to replace high-priced, imported bottled water in hotels with water that has been filtered on-site and that comes in re-useable bottles.

What makes this inspirational effort even more enticing is that Yves Béhar has created an iconic design to accompany it.

A simple glass bottle has been embossed with the wave-like logo – a look that is both memorable and easily recognisable, speaking to an ethos of sustainability and giving back.

The three W’s – denoting WHOLE WOLRD Water – has been integrated into the design, creating the illusion of continuous waves. The strong but elegant black type that is used creates a sense of urgency and seriousness.

The WHOLE WORLD Water logo is debossed on the glass bottle, eliminating the need for extra labeling and providing a tactile grip.

Clear and uncomplicated, the form of the bottle expresses the initiative’s proposition and concept. The bottles are made of extra thick glass in order to survive many cycles of washing and re-use.

Proceeds from the sale of WHOLE WORLD Water will be appropriated to various sustainable water programmes around the globe. 

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