Water works

A solution to the looming world water crisis requires an interdisciplinary design approach. Australia’s been giving it some thought.

From the Series

"Creating Liveable Cities" considers the impact cities have on water resources. While pertaining specifically to Melbourne, Australia, this exhibition has global appeal and runs from 15 to 25 July 2010 in that city.

Water is one of the most important resources to consider in the design of sustainable cities. Now imagine a city where water feeds into urban agriculture and lush vegetation to reduce the “heat island” effect.

Melbourne Water in Australia called on leading designers to create installations relating to current water use and suggestions for sustainable change in the city.

The result of a 12-month collaboration between Melbourne Water and State of Design Festival is the "Creating Liveable Cities" exhibition. The objective of the project is to promote and inspire designers from a multitude of disciplines, including engineering, landscaping, architecture and social science, to rethink the value of water and how to create a more liveable city. The exhibition showcases the progressive thinking that emerged in a range of workshops on the topic.

"Creating Liveable Cities" emphasises the point that educating people about the efficient use of water in everything from agriculture to manufacturing can help to reduce the impact we have on this precious resource.

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