Water works

Design trio Front considered the path water takes to rethink and redesign a shower for Axor.

Rethinking the shower, Front present a new archetype with charming and captivating characteristics.

Swedish design trio Front have collaborated with Axor, the designer brand of Hansgrohe, to design a shower that explores the technical origins of the water installation.

The Axor WaterDream allows users to experience the path water takes in its most original form. Using their personal perception of the shower and showering Front draw attention to the technology behind the wall, which is often concealed.

We played around with the most elementary components that are used to bring water to us – pipes, valves, couplings and funnels, says Sofia Lagerkvist.

Revealing a simplicity that is characteristic of Scandinavian design, Front present their Axor WaterDream as homage to the aesthetics inherent in technology and installation.

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