Water, energy, and internet all in one system

The Watly system aims to bring the necessities to the developing world using one device.

At around 40 metres long, the Watly system would be the largest solar-powered computer in the world, and it’s able to store electricity, purify water, and provide residents with access to the internet. According to the company, doing it all is an essential feature if tech is to make a real difference in the developing world.

In a recently launched Indiegogo campaign, Watly has appealed for funding for the Watly 3.0, a bigger and better iteration of the stripped down system used in a pilot project in Ghana.

The renewable energy system would produce 1 320 gallons of water per day during 15 years of service. It removed a number of contaminants in water and can also provide charging service for up to 3 000 people.

Based in Spain and Italy, the company has set its sights on empowering impoverished communities in Africa.