Walls for all

Calling all closet graffiti artists. The Walls Notebook lets you make your creative mark on urban surfaces without leaving your desk.

Allow your inner graffiti artist to come out and play with the Walls Notebook by designers the..

The Walls Notebook is a sketchbook that features some 80 pictures of “clean” New York City walls. Artists, designers and doodlers are then invited to fill the white walls, or the trains, bridges and amenities, with their graffiti art.

Bringing frustrated street artists one step closer to their desired urban canvas, the Walls Notebook is the perfect substitute for anybody interested in graffiti art but not inclined to actually go out and do it.

The pictures in the Walls Notebook make for inspiring backdrops for imagining what a touch of creativity can do for a city space.

You would, of course, also be welcome to vent your dissatisfaction/anger/frustration with something or someone on the walls in the sketchbook.

At the. one finds an eclectic mix of whimsical products designed by designed by Sherwood Forlee and Mihoko Ouchi. They won’t out, however, that one won’t “find an fanciful themes or philosophies underlying their body of work”.