Off the wall, onto the ceiling

When something is really tiny it’s tempting to call it cute. Ji Lee’s Parallel World installation is cute, but it also just really cool.

Ji Lee’s Parallel World is an installation of miniature versions of the things found in the different rooms of a house. The scaled models were then placed on the roof as a response to the busy walls and floors found in most homes.

Decorated ceilings were a celebrated art form in previous centuries but got lost through the reductionism of modernism, Lee says. Ceilings were once the central feature in churches and a platform for showcasing the talents of architects and artists.

Lee is known for his creative use of “dead space” and his interest in the miniature. He attributes the latter to his Korean heritage. “I got used to seeing lots of small things. I wanted to play with this scale, something small getting big, something big getting small,” he told

With Parallel World Lee wanted to bring a “small wink” to ceilings. He also likes the idea that there is a parallel world somewhere that’s coexisting with ours.

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