Vortex vase

Add Japanese moderation to French flair and the result is lust-have vase that evokes a sense of natural serenity.

The “Tourbillon” (Vortex) vase is the original result of the combination between computer technology and high-quality French craftsmanship. Designed by French-Japanese design duo A+A Cooren, the vase reflects the way water drains and refers to a subtle natural harmony.

The rigidity of the glass bubble that surrounds the glass accentuates the dynamism of the water while the overall design is reminiscent of a kind of Japanese sobriety. Comprised of two parts in borosilicate glass, the main part and the smaller part that receives water, the vase is available in three sizes and in a limited edition of 21.

Aki and Arnaud Cooren’s idea with the Tourbillon vase was to reintegrate nature back into everyday objects.

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