Viva vuvuzela!

Creativity knows no bounds and all of that, but this notion really comes to life with ideas for the reuse of the much-loved vuvuzela.

The vuvuzela was one of the greatest performers in the recent World Cup. Loathed by some but loved by many, this instrument became iconic of 2010 South Africa. But what happens to all of the vuvuzelas post-event?

Innovative South Africans find a creative second life for them, of course. And spearheading this initiative is WoZela, a Cape Town-based non-profit creative initiative that is calling on festive folk to contribute their ideas on how to reuse the vuvuzela.

If you have a bright beneficial recycling idea, WoZela wants you to draw it, make it, film it or depict it in whatever way you like and submit it to their blog. The best concept, entered before 30 September 2010, could win R10 000 and the star vuvuleza status, naturally. The most useful vuvuzela second life ideas will be prototyped for local community crafts people to make, and in doing so developing much-needed creative skills and earning a living.

Already some weird but wonderful ideas have included making a chandelier using discarded vuvuzelas or a useful holder for toilet rolls. It can also be appropriated as a torch, a water filter, candelabra or even a bird feeder.