Vegetarian meat

Dutch food designer Marije Vogelzang takes inspiration from northern Scandinavia to extend her "Fake Meat" project.

Bringing food design and animal design together, Marije Vogelzang has extended her “Fake Meat” project to include a new animal, the Christpila.

Dutch eating designer Marije Vogelzang started a project titled “Fake Meat” in response to the meat substitutes offered in supermarkets, often situated among ‘real’ meat products. The project is inspired by a variety of vegetarian animals created using food types, such as Tofu to resemble and even taste like a specific type of meat.

Vogelzang’s latest addition to the project is the Christpila, a species found in the Northern parts of Scandinavia. The small ball shaped animal’s diet consists of nuts and cranberries, which naturally fills the Christpila with a delicate stuffing. The Christpila was created to serve as a delicious treat over the festive season.

Vogelzang’s “Fake Meat” project sees each animal accompanied by a detailed recipe for preparation, a serving suggestion and the recommended amount of people each dish will serve. 


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