Urban alternatives

The Vertical Village looks at ways that East Asian cities may be able to expand and develop while maintaining traditional village qualities.

The Vertical Village is an exhibition that explores the rapid urban transformation in East Asia.

Presented by MVDRV, The Why Factory and the JUT Foundation for Arts and Architecture, the exhibition can be seen at the Chung Shan Creative Hub in Taipei until 8 January 2012. The Vertical Village is part on an exhibition series titled Museum of Tomorrow.

The Vertical Village looks to the qualities of urban village and the potential to realize them in much denser and vertical way. In looking for radical alternatives to the standard block-like apartments that can be found in most cities, The Vertical Village proposes concepts for a more ecological urban community.

Analytical research, a grid of models, movies, a documentary, animation, two software packages and a six metre tall installation of a possible Vertical Village all form part of the exhibit. Visitors are invited to design their ideal house and to compose their own Vertical Village with parametric software, thereby incorporating an interactive element into the exhibition.

Ultimately the exhibition looks at a new model for the development of East Asian cities, asking how these areas might be densified while maintaining the characteristics and qualities of a traditional village.