Under wraps

Sewing is made simple with Jungeun Lee’s Wrapped Garment, which eliminates the need for sewing, cutting or weaving.

In experimenting with and researching unconventional ways of creating garments, Royal College of Art student Jungeun Lee discovered a way to make garments without cutting, sewing or weaving.

Lee discovered that by wrapping synthetic fibre around a desired form or chosen objects and applying a heating process, the fibre transforms itself into a three-dimensional moulded garment. The result is both expected and unexpected sculptural silhouettes.

The entire garment can be made using just a unitary fibre and heat. This technique eliminates the process of making fabric from fibre, or creating a garment from fabric using a cutting pattern and sewing process. The result is a fuss-free item with no leftovers or wasting of materials.

Lee is currently the one-half of Studio Koya.