The unbreakable Drop umbrella

Royal College of Art graduate Ayca Dundar has designed an alternative umbrella that addresses the classic failings of the traditional brollie.

At last, someone has come up with a revision of the traditional umbrella. The Drop pop-up umbrella is the invention of Royal College of Art graduate Ayca Dundar, who decided it was time for a revamp after noticing the scattering of damaged umbrellas on the streets of London one stormy day.

Dundar identified that the problem with the traditional umbrella was its rigid form. Her seemingly simple canopy design is comprised of six parts, which allow for a more supple structure. This suppleness forms the base of Drop’s flexibility and in turn, its resistance to strong winds: it is able to flex against a gust of wind and then pop back out again.

“With Drop umbrella, I challenged the current umbrella by creating a temporary surface, a flexible and foldable structure that depends on material properties rather than hinges and joints,” said Dundar.

The umbrella is able to fold up into a flat-packed waterproof cover, which is easy to carry. Drop expands into its organic shape with one thrust of the user’s wrist, which allows the canopy to spring open. Like a standard umbrella, the design is fitted with an aluminium pole, but has a 3D-printed plastic handle.


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