Typewriter style

Typewriters may be a relic from a bygone era but Keira Rathbone still uses this old machine to create interesting works of art.

In the digital age there are a couple of ways to make pictures, but it is not every day that one sees images made on a typewriter. Yes, a typewriter and very circa mid-20th century!

London-based Keira Rathbone uses this largely obsolete machine to type pictures of everything from beautiful people to a typewriter itself.

Rathbone has been creating typed art since 2003 and finds her inspiration in images that are comprised of smaller constituent parts. She also likes the different ways in which a typed artwork can be experienced.

Rather than sitting alone at her desk making these artworks, Rathbone enjoys doing “live installations” where she takes her typewriter along to an event and documents the proceedings by making a typed picture of it.