Two weeks to go before the inaugural antenna event at Dutch Design Week

Come meet 21 of the young people shaping the future of design

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Design Indaba, Dutch Design Week and World Design Event scanned the world for the best design graduates during antenna. 

antenna is a new interactive platform that connects international design graduates with professionals and experts.

We found talent from Mexico, Austria, Iceland, The Netherlands and other corners of the world.

The Design Indaba team curated a list of 21 young designers from around the world who are doing inspiring, exciting and forward-looking work in photography, bio fashion, speculative design, architecture and food design.

On 20 October, in Eindhoven, a day before Dutch Design Week, the candidates will present their work at the inaugural antenna Conference.

Tickets are available here

We have released names of the first ten candidates (read more on them here and here), here are five more: 


Renata Souza Luque is a product design graduate from the Parsons School of Design. Her project Thomy was inspired by her nephew Thomas, who was diagnosed with diabetes. Renata designed a colourful syringe and a carry pack that also includes washable tattoos in order to make it easier for children with diabetes to inject themselves.

Thomy is a United States national finalist in the James Dyson Award 2017 and is still in the running for the international prize.

Renata Souza Luque

Maternal Home Care

Caroline Smeenk is a user experience researcher who recently graduated from the Carleton University School of Industrial Design.

Her bachelor thesis project, a system to aid in the home monitoring of the symptoms of preeclampsia, highlights the balance of research, experience, and design that drive her process. 

She will be presenting her project, Maternal Home Care, which looks at making home care for low-income pregnant women less intrusive. 

Caroline Smeenk

Cooperative social housing in Havana

Iwo Borkowicz is a young architect who obtained his masters in architecture at KU Leuven in Belgium.

He is passionate about local identities, pattern recognition, sensitive materiality and resilient architecture that is grounded in and debating with the place it’s made for.

He will be presenting his project called A Symbiotic Relation of Cooperative Social Housing and Dispersed Tourism in Havana.

The project looks at how to upgrade buildings while also allowing the same space to bring in money for low-income residents through tourism. 

Iwo Borkowicz

Bio Fashion

Kazuya Kawasaki is a trans-disciplinary fashion designer working in fields such as biotech fashion, wearable tech and computational fashion.  

He will be talking about his latest project which looks at using pigment from living organisms to help make better garments, this way bridging the gap between fashion and emerging technologies like biotechnology and wearable technology.

Kazuya Kawasaki

Grid Talk

Kelsey Wakefield is an interactive landscape architect and urban designer who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design. 

Raised in a petroleum-centric town in Alaska, Wakefield is no stranger to being caught between resistance to energy market changes and the call for sustainable action. 

Her project investigates the sources of the energy we use in our cities and homes and aims to engage the public with generation methods through interactive public spaces.

Kelsey Wakefield

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