The twig chair: Nendo’s most recent design

Japanese studio Nendo creates a minimalist seat with a changeable backrest for designer furniture brand Alias.

Considered one of the top Japanese design firms working today, Nendo is never short of commissioned projects.

Its latest product for Italian furniture brand Alias is the twig chair – the name alluding to the twig-like legs incorporated into its design.
The overall aesthetic of the chair embodies Nendo’s characteristic minimalist style but the metal base is a nod to Alias’ specialisation in aluminium products.
The novelty of the twig chair is that the upper backrest portion of the design comes in five variations, available in assorted shapes, materials and colours.
Each upper fixture easily connects to the base legs and creates a different way of sitting in the chair while presenting alternative backrest styles for the user.
The seat of the chair is also customisable with the choice of a wooden, plastic or fabricated version.
Placing function on a par with form, Nendo designed the aluminium frames to stack up on top of each other for easy storage and portability.