Time is but a fleeting VUE

Yves Behar and Issey Miyake have sensualised the mystery of time with a new VUE of the future.

Yves Behar of the San Francisco-based design studio, fuseproject, has collaborated with Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake to design the VUE watch where the markers fade in and out of view.

The watch takes an existential approach to time. Time is only important in the present moment so the VUE only shows the current hour while the preceding and upcoming ones are only partially visible. The VUE allows the wearer to experience the mystery of time hour by hour and feel it’s appearance and instant disappearance.

The black dots on the opaque rotating face contain transparent slits that reveals the numbers underneath them as the minute hand passes over them. Commenting on the ADHD nature of our world, Behar said: “Why do I need to see all 12 numbers when only one is needed?”

Watch the Talk with Yves Béhar