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Colour is an important part of the design process but an aspect that is often neglected until the very end by designers.

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Furniture manufacturers Established & Sons hosted the very interesting Design Against the Clock programme during the London Design Week recently.

Comprising a series of workshops, the event took place inside the company gallery, Established & Sons Limited. The workshops brought artists and designers together and presented them the opportunity to work together for eight hours, thus one working day. The various duos were tasked to create something, with a limited budget, within the gallery environment.

The space was given to a different artist and designer every day while the public were encouraged to get involved in this hands-on approach to creativity.

Tord Boontje collaborated with his students from the Royal College of Art to explore notions of colour and space. Boontje explained that colour is often the first thing that consumers notice about a product while it’s the last aspect to be considered in the design and production process.

Boontje and his team first looked to colour and space before developing the rest of their installation. The abstract shape of the installation is meant as a reflection of the team’s experimentation during the collaboration.

Watch the Talk with Tord Boontje