Time and evolution

A collection of furniture by a Korean designer considers aspects of time, evolution and surrealism.

Park Sujin ia a Korean designer whose unconventional but interesting furniture designs are getting creative enthusiasts excited.

Her “Time” furniture collection integrates classical furniture pieces inside more modern versions. The collection represents the passing of time and is a comment of how furniture has evolved over the years.

Sujin’ describes her “Mirror” series as daily life, reversed. The design metaphorically takes daily life, folds it and puts it in a box. The “reversed daily life” can then be freely moved around like a deity. There’s a tiny hole through which the viewer can look at the design and experience a form of surrealism, Sujin explains.

“Not only does coexistence between real space and imaginary space make four-dimensional space realised but it also communicates imagination to the viewers,” Sujin says.

Sujin holds an MA in Woodworking and Furniture Design from the Dongduk Women’s University in Seoul.

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