Threads of Peru shines a spotlight on traditional Quechua weaving culture

The non-profit organisation economically empowers skilled women artisans from Peru.

Threads of Peru

Threads of Peru is a non-profit social enterprise that connects the world to the traditional Quechua weaving work of Peruvian women living in the Andes mountains. It seeks to support and preserve the 5 000 year-old culture of weaving within these communities by giving local artisans an economic hand up and bringing their rich textile designs to an international market.

Threads of Peru

The collaborative model allows designers to work with the weavers and draw from their knowledge of colour and design during the initial conceptualisation of a product. The yarn used in the designs is dyed with pigments obtained from natural resources such as plants or insects.

To weave the yarn, the artisans use a back-strap loom, which is an old-fashioned weaving instrument made entirely out of wood, string and bone.

Threads of Peru

Once the weavers are ready to start warping the yarn, they are given a month to complete their work. The finished product is a 100 per cent natural and handmade design that draws attention to the tradition and skill of Peruvian textile artistry. 

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