Theme specific

Tom Dixon has redesigned the restaurant at the Tom Dixon Showroom using a selection of his new furniture and lighting collection.

Following three distinct themes, Tom Dixon has rethought and redesigned his on-site café, Tart and Dock Kitchen.

After the refit of the Tom Dixon Showroom in London, it seemed fitting for British designer Dixon to revamp the showroom’s unique inside restaurant and its kitchen, the Dock Kitchen. Opting to fill the space with a selection of his new furniture and lighting collection, the restaurant now sports a true “Tom Dixon” style.

The design concept behind the refurbishment was to create a flexible space so that many different configurations of tables could be created underneath a modular lighting layout.

Each section of the restaurant was designed around these three specific themes:

Zone 1: A stainless steel, space age, techy space complemented by bright turquoise accents.

Zone 2: A brass box surrounded with a comfortable black gloss chevron banquette, modular brass lighting composed as a chandeliers and fragmented honeycomb wall features.

Zone 3: A strong monochrome and fluorescent orange “pop” theme with custom white gloss vitreous enamel tables with black edge detail.

All three themes come together to ensure each visitor experiences a unique dining experience every time they visit the designer restaurant. 

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