Tailored upholstery

PearsonLloyd have designed a sustainable chair for Modus that reflects a refined and contemporary aesthetic.

Demonstrating a sustainable design philosophy, PearsonLloyd have designed a chair that demonstrates the economic use of materials for furniture brand Modus.

The London-based duo, Luke Pearson and Tom Lloyd, have designed a versatile chair that is perfect for use in workplaces and hospitality environments.

Drawing on green principles, the Hem chair avoided the cold-cured polyurethane moulding process, and instead used a traditional, hands-on approach to furniture design. “We didn’t do any drawings in CAD, instead we started working with scale models in substrate, foam and fabric,” says Tom Lloyd.

The Hem Chair has a simple steel outer frame that supports a lightweight and non-structural upholstered seating element. The name of the chair references PearsonLloyd’s approach to tailored upholstery.

There is a real craft quality to the chair, you can feel it in the seam, it’s forgiving and has a sort of looseness to it, says Tom Lloyd.

The design duo’s sustainable approach further extended to its transportation. The upholstery is flat packed and can be assembled by owners in their homes. Through this, the environmental impact is lessened as the chair can be separated into parts when the time comes for it to be recycled.

Even though the Hem chair has an eco background, its appearance is as refined and contemporary as the rest of the Modus collection designed for Milan Furniture Fair 2013

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