Tail support

The Mobile Tail is a handy little gadget that works as a support stand for mobile devices.

Your mobile device follows you wherever you go. Whether it's a Blackberry, iPhone or the conventional cellphone variety, it’s much like a pet that sometimes needs a form of support.

In response to this need Sangwoo Park and Jongwon Park of Studiooo Factory created the Mobile Tail. Working as a support stand for portable electronic devices, the Mobile Tail can easily be attached and removed from your mobile device. The Mobile Tail uses a suction cap to stick to the device, which means that the device can be displayed vertically or horizontally. It’s made with a flexible liquid silicone rubber that is very pure and non-reactive.

The Mobile Tail is said to take its inspiration from the tail of a Dalmatian dog, and a percentage from the Mobile Tail sales are donated to animal protection projects.

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