Switched on

Inga Sempé's new range of electrical accessories takes the shock out of these everyday household objects, and switches it on - aesthetically!

Whoever said that functional needn't be fun? Take Inga Sempé's new electrical accessories as an example: It's highly functional, looks good and makes for smooth interaction between the user and the electrical device.

Sempé's range, "Inga Sempé pour Legrand", for electrical equipment specialists Legrand consists of three electrical switches, sockets and dimmers.

The range falls into three distinct categories. The Longilineal category appears sleek and narrow, reflecting the shape of the door or opening to a room and creates a unity between the room and its exit.

The Trompe l’Oeil category is like the art technique itself. It seeks to create an optical illusion by disturbing the wall's unity through empty holes on the design. Meanwhile, the Rotary category forces the frame of the design to replicate the maximum route that can be performed by the switch. The socket's technical element is hidden for aesthetical appeal, and furthermore incorporates a flap that can be lifted to plug in a device.

Inga Sempé pour Legrand was presented during the Designer’s Day in Paris earlier this year.

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