The surface that turns mealtime into a balancing act

The Sati Tala is a surface unlike any other dinner table. Built for mindfulness, it physically connects its users.

Sati Tala

Technology is a blessing and also a curse. Couples, friends and family sometimes find it difficult to connect over the beep of email alerts and other social media notifications. Israeli designers Tany Jarus and Sagie Grunhaus decided to design a device that could bridge the divide. To enhance mindfulness, awareness and intimacy, the pair design the Sati Tala, an eating surfaces for two that challenges couples to be fully present during meals.

Sati Tala means “a mindful surface” in Pali an ancient Buddhist language. After two years research into the connection between mindfulness and design, the designers discovered a way to modify the eating experience by changing the way couples use a table.


Instead of a stationary table resting on four legs, the eating surface rests on the laps of the couple and physically connects the users to one another. Made out of high-quality wood, the design is both beautiful and functional.


According to the designer’s Kickstarter campaign, people who have experienced the Sati Tala  say it is a great way of escape a busy world that always demands your attention. The surface creates “balance” between users.

Jarus and Grunhaus hope to continue designing more mindful objects and furniture. They believe mindfulness has the power to change lives. 

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