Sun shelf

Nendo’s Sundial bookshelf plays with shadows to create different looks.

From the Series

As the sun moves across the sky, the light and shadow it casts on objects give them a unique look and feel. Japanese studio Nendo designed the Sundial bookshelf, which allows for an ever-changing aesthetic, similar to the look achieved by a sundial.

Designed for Kartell, the Sundial’s shelves are arranged at slightly different angles so that when books are placed on these shelves it creates the effect that the look is changing with the light and shadow.

Sundial is encased in a glossy black or white frame with movable opaline dividers that help to achieve the varied look. These dividers can also be set at various distances and can be titled or rotated as desired to create the shadowy effects.

The dividers are available in clear, blue, green and brown, and can be used in various ways to divide four fixed horizontal shelves.