Stretch a little

Airmov is an iPad app that makes it both easy and fun to take a break from clicking and typing to stretch your wrists, hands and fingers.

Stretching is important. But the reality is that we spend so much time sitting passively in front of technological devices, like our computers and mobile phones, that we often forget to stretch.

So, stretch a little and welcome the Airmov. Airmov is an iPad app that allows you to use your phone and tablet as a quick, easy and fun stretching device.

Your wrists, hands and fingers need regular breaks from all the digital typing, clicking and flicking and the Airmov encourages one to do this in just 15 seconds.

Stretching becomes really beneficial when you do it regularly and with the Airmov as your stretching partner, this is easy to do.

The initiative of Cloudeck, a startup founded by Kenneth Wu and Ben Chan, the Airmov is not your typical exercise app with demo videos. Instead, the unique interface creates a new stretching experience with dynamic content. The duo explain: “Your stretch is not just because you are told to stretch. You stretch for graphical messages, you stretch for a story or you just stretch with your favorite yummy cookies.”

Take a look at the video to see exactly how it works.