Story in a jar

Giving the timeless gift of a story has been made super easy (and sleek) by Rahim Bhimani with his new Story Jar Lite app.

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Story in a jar

We all have interesting stories to tell about the special people in our lives. It could be something funny or silly they did, something cool you experienced together or a simple anecdote.

And stories should be shared and enjoyed… and recorded.

With the new Story Jar Lite sharing special stories is as quick and easy as downloading an app.

As part of his MBA in Design Strategy Rahim Bhimani and his teammates Jo Tsai, Alex Pratt and Ryan Blad created a story app that allows users to “give the gift of a story”.

The Story Jar Lite allows one to deliver meaningful audio stories to loved ones – the ultimate timeless gift.

Bhimani explains the vision for their full app: “Let’s say you want to do something special for your best friend’s birthday. You would download the Story Jar App, choose birthday as the occasion and select start a 'Story Jar'. You would then be prompted to invite all of your friend's mutual friends or family to capture a memorable audio story about them. Therefore on the day of your friend’s birthday she would receive a link to all the stories recorded for her by her loved ones."

The app has prompts built into it that help the storyteller get their story across succinctly. The “Tip Jar”, for example, guides in the kind of story you want to tell – be it a travel story, a school story or a growing up story.

The Story Jar Lite is available in the Apple App store

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