A stool for people who can’t sit still

Pratt Institute graduate, Megan Czaja creates a bouncing, swivelling and rocking chair to up productivity.

Everyone works in different ways. Kinesthetic workers, like Pratt Institute graduate Megan Czaja, need to constantly be active in order to focus on a task at hand and be productive. Oblio stool is Czaja’s way to keep moving while seated.

The young designer made the contemporary-looking, three-legged stool out of a light maple wood sealed with a traditional Scandinavian soap finish. A wooden seat balances on a half-sphere piece made from silicone and a semi-hard foam interior. The seat and the sphere join together like two Lego pieces at a central axis, allowing the user to swivel, rock or bounce while seated.

The overall aesthetic of the stool is deliberately lighthearted and playful, to underscore the designer’s feelings about the notion of play in a professional or adult environment. Czaja believes that the obligation to be serious at work interupts our natural instinct for play, which is essential to keeping our minds, bodies and societies revitalised and functioning.

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