A stitch in time at Milan2011

Tord Boontje’s Stitched Collection of tables, chairs and lights draws on his interest in sewing and embroidery.

As a child Tord Boontje would make his own clothes with the help of his mother. This resulted from an interest in sewing and embroidery which he continues to be fascinated by today.

Boontje’s Stitched Collection of tables, chairs and lights for Moroso was seen at the Milan Furniture Fair last month. Here Boontje used embroidery on textiles and furniture. The action of “creating holes in material with a needle” was also seen in Boontje’s Rain Chair and Wednesday Table.

For the Stitched Collection Boontje considered more functional ways of sewing, what he describes as “the idea of creating holes in materials and connecting pieces with yarns”.

Thus he stitched plywood components together to create the strong structures for the furniture. Boontje first experimented with scale models before making a full size chair and so the prototype Stitched Chair was born.

Boontje is also attracted to stitching as a very simple, low-tech way of making. He says: “Stitching is a very universal and ancient technique, it gives an almost tribal or folk character to the pieces.”

While the Stitched Collection started as a small domestic range but might be expanded in the future.

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