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Puma’s new Creative Factory is giving everybody the opportunity to add creative flair to their products. Look at what Heath Nash did.

From the Series

Sportswear and streetwear brand Puma are handing over creative control to anybody that wants to design their own footwear.

Puma recently launched the Creative Factory, their custom shoe design programme, at Canal Walk shopping centre in Cape Town. These factories can be found in locations around the world, from Moscow to Mumbai.

The materials are supplied by Puma while designers add the imagination to create funky, one-of-a-kind sneakers.

For the launch of the programme, Puma teamed up with Heath Nash to showcase what it’s all about. Nash customised the sneakers to represent the traditional South African white-stripe taxi tyres and called the design "Taxi-tyre".

The Creative Factory programme uses a custom-built Apple iPad application on which the designs are made, which Puma later bring to life. It takes about six weeks from the time of designing the shoe on the iPad to when you’ll be stepping out in style.

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