Spun with steel

Tom Dixon's lastet pendant light alludes to a spider's web spun with steel.

Tom Dixon’s latest edition to his collection Luminosity is a pendant light that casts and emanates beautiful diamond-shaped patterns, whether it is switched on or off.

Creating the perfect décor light, launched his latest “Etch Light Web Stainless Steel” pendant light at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair.

The creation was designed to function as a decorative piece in a variety of spaces during the day, and a magical lighting product in the night. Whether the “Etch Light Web Stainless Steel” is on or off, its delicate shape and use of material emits a jewel-like quality.

The 60cm-wide shade is made from stainless steel, which is finished with an extreme-shine polish to capture the essence of a mirrored and reflective surface.

Its bold geometry and symmetry is almost space-like and is sure to be an attraction wherever it is used.

“Etch Web Stainless Steel” was on display at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair from 5 to 9 February 2013. 

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