Spreading the word

Michael Bierut has redesigned the website for the Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine to suit the needs of a 21st century congregation.

From the Series

Following on from the well-received, humorous environmental signs for the grounds of Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, Michael Bierut has now redesigned the New York church’s website incorporating his new identity for the institution.

Pentagram partner Bierut captured the essence of the Cathedral Church of Saint John, being a community and cultural institution as much as a place for worship, in his identity and graphics implemented across all platforms. The redesign included; restructuring the website content, redesigning the calendar page, a new timeline for the history of the cathedral, and information about the cathedral grounds. 

Bierut worked closely with the cathedral to ensure the website becomes a tool for spreading the good word to a 21st century congregation in a clear and easy-to-use manner. 

Watch the Trailer with Michael Bierut